Mr. Mick Cellar Door

Conveniently located in the heart of Clare adjacent to the Riesling Trail at 7 Dominic Street, Clare, our cellar door is open daily from 10.00am to 4.30pm.

Visitors can enjoy a tasting paddle of 5 wines from our extensive range of different styles, including new and different varietals such as Vermentino, Pinot Grigio, Grenache and Tempranillo, or more traditional wines like Riesling, Cabernet Merlot and Shiraz. The tasting experience is $10 per person which is redeemable on purchases of 2 or more bottles. Bookings are required for groups of 10 or more guests.


Mr mick kitchen offers a unique restaurant and wine experience, embracing tapas-style dining.

Indulge, explore and savour superb food and wine combinations in a casual and contemporary atmosphere. Tapas is a social experience that celebrates the union between food, wine and friends. The philosophy is simple; share a number of small dishes and explore food and wine combinations. Alternatively, let our Chefs and winemakers select for you, by choosing the Chefs Selection ($55 per person) matched to a selection of wine chosen by our winemakers ($20 per person).

Mr. Mick Kitchen

Open for lunch daily from 12pm.

Dinner available from 5pm on Friday evenings. 

Phone (08) 8842 2555 or book online to secure your reservation.



Mr. Mick Kitchen Winter Menu

Lunch daily from 12pm and Dinner from 5pm on Friday evenings.


BREAD  House made focaccia ŵ local olive oil & Mr. Mick dukkah  $8

DIPS  Green olive & spinach, caramelised onion & white bean ŵ warm pita bread  (GF ava) DF NF VG $12


SQUID  Lemon myrtle squid ŵ chilli & ginger dipping sauce  GF DF NF $15

CRAB  Paprika spiced soft shell crab ŵ lime, coriander & chilli dipping sauce  GF DF NF $22

BARRAMUNDI  Saltwater farmed Coral Coast barramundi ŵ brandy cream sauce & parmesan roasted leek  GF NF $22

TUNA  Port Lincoln blue fin sashimi tuna ŵ miso mayo & seaweed salad  GF NF $22


CHORIZO  Barossa Valley chorizo ŵ chick pea, red onion, red capsicum, garlic & paprika oil  NF $16

CHICKEN  Greenslade free range chicken ŵ Moroccan spices, hummus & sun-dried tomato salsa  GF DF NF $20

LAMB  North African roasted lamb ŵ chimichurri, roast tomatoes & olives  GF DF NF $22

PORK (2)  Twice cooked pork belly ŵ plum glaze  GF DF NF $22

BEEF  Asian braised beef brisket ŵ soba noodle salad  (GF ava) DF NF $18


CROQUETTE (2)  Leek, mushroom & smoked cheddar ŵ crispy sage  NF $12

ARANCINI (2)  Sun-dried tomato & Danish feta ŵ basil pesto  (GF & NF ava) $12

STUFFED CAPSICUM  Spiced rice & vegetable stuffed ŵ lime sour cream  (VG ava) GF NF $14


SALAD  Sweet potato, quinoa, rocket & pecans ŵ a honey vinaigrette  (VG & NF ava) GF DF $14

PATATAS  Twice cooked crispy potatoes ŵ aioli  GF DF NF VG $12

CORN SALAD  Mexican style corn salsa ŵ lemon & lime dressing  (VG & DF ava) NF $14

STEAK HOUSE CHIPS  ŵ tomato sauce & aioli  DF NF VG $8

GF - Gluten Free DF - Dairy Free NF - Nut Free  VG - Vegan



DESSERT OF DAY  Please ask staff for details  $12

CAKE  Persian orange & almond cake ŵ citrus syrup & cream  (DF ava) GF $12

CHURROS  Spanish doughnuts dusted ŵ cinnamon sugar, served ŵ dipping sauce $12

SORBET  A trio of fruity sorbet  GF VG $12

AFFOGATO  One shot of espresso coffee & one scoop of ice cream  GF $6

AFFOGATO  ŵ a shot of Mr. Mick Tawny  GF $14


CALAMARI  Salt & pepper calamari ŵ chips & tomato sauce GF  $13   

SCHNITZEL  Chicken schnitzel ŵ chips & tomato sauce $13   

PASTA  Napoli sauce & pasta ŵ cheese (GF ava) $13

CHIPS  Bowl of chips ŵ tomato sauce $8 

ICE CREAM  ŵ choice of topping $6

COMBINATION  Choice of meal, ice cream & a pop top juice $19              


PHONE (08) 8842 2555                                   7 DOMINIC STREET CLARE